Privacy Policy

ACNOC recognizes the importance of your personal information. The company promises to keep your information confidential.

    You will have every right to become a member of this website, including to receive information, news, privileges, and participation in various promotional activities on the website.

    Cookies are small information that will be stored in your browser to collect information on how to visit a website. The Company may collect cookies to store information about visitors to the website, assess visitors and check their frequency. Visiting the website If you do not want the cookies to be in your browser, you can choose to reject the cookies.

    Collection of personal information of members

    We will collect personal information and other information of members. In developing the website and analyzing information to select the most suitable products and services for members, the Company may send e-mails to you with news, privileges, and promotional activities. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can change and correct your needs by sending email to us at

    Disclosure of member information

    The company will keep your personal information confidential, if it is necessary to disclose information to the public, the company will have to get your permission, except for member information about themselves in open format through third party websites such as Facebook.