Deep Biotechnology


ACNOC is proud to be the first brand out of Thailand to create a full range of skin care products for acne-prone skin. Naturally rich in natural extracts, Thailand’s specific climate and fertile soil combine for optimum growing environments. 

To make our cosmetics innovative and effective, we follow industrial and internationally recognized standards, such as: ISO 9001 and ISO 22716. 

ACNOC is formulated with extracts. Pure Xanthones from Thailand mangosteen, which is known to be highly effective for anti-acne treatment.

ACNOC discovered a special feature in the mangosteen peel, called Purify Xanthone from Mangosteen Peel. It was invented and developed by our lab-skilled researchers at Kasetsart University.

Listed below are the properties of pure Xanthone extract from the mangosteen peel that can meet the needs of the people with acne and sensitive skin problems.

Reduces acne problems (Anti-Acne)

Reduces inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory)

Reduces irritation (Anti-Irritating)

Reduces the occurrence of bacteria (Anti-Bacterial)

Anti-free radicals (Antioxidant)

Reduces hyperpigmentation and enhances radiance (Brightening)

Japanese Onion Peel Extract ALLIUM CEPA (ONION) BULB EXTRACT

This specific onion is from the Awaji Island in Japan - It is an onion with a special fiber that tastes sweeter and juicier than a regular onion.

By selecting the onion’s orange peel, we can extract the substance, Quercetin

Quercetin is a concentrated substance that acts as a super antioxidant according to the research institute in Japan. They discovered that in addition to its antioxidant properties, it also has the effect of reducing the redness around scars. It also can resist and inhibit bacteria which causes acne, and ultimately sterilizes and cuts the cycle of acne for good.

Another main extract is AMITOSE GOA.

A Vitamin C extract that helps fight free radicals, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that cause acne. It also moisturizes and brightens the skin by stopping the melanin pigmentation process on the skin cells. Lastly, it can also strengthen collagen and fibroblast in the skin layers, making the skin flexible and tight.


ACNOC Certificates

Acnoc is certified to deliver high quality products through studying the unique properties in exotic fruits to achieve maximum results. In 2013, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with Kasetsart University, which is well known for its agricultural sciences in supporting the research and development of Thai herbs and plant extraction.

Because we believe that "confidence"  is essential to help foster a good personality, this is one of the major inspirations that have led us to create products for people with skin problems in helping them regain their confidence back again.


ACNOC Award, world-class skin care products from Thailand

▪️ The first global award-winning skin care product in Thailand to receive a Gold Prize in the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2018.

(An innovative show of Deep Biotechnology regarding natural extracts in the state of California, USA. The award builds credibility for product use and the quality of the research that the management brings to the development plan of innovation from extract research to the Acnoc brand.)

▪️ Won the HWB Best Selling award, the best selling product among acne scars, natural extracts. Based on ratings by Watsons

▪️ Selected by the Life Science Startup at Live O 'Well Stage, STARTUP THAILAND, organized by the Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), represents the work at the largest startup event in Asia, the Echelon Asia Summit. 2018 in Singapore

▪️ Selected by the Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), Ministry of Science. To participate in the Pitch and exhibit at Cosmetics 360 in Paris, France. 

▪️ Winner of the SME Innovation Champion Product Award 2017 organized by the Center of Excellence in Life Science (TCELS) and received an award for performance testing. Cosmetic products from natural products valued at 500,000 baht.

▪️ Winner of Bio Pitch & Partner 2017 at Thailand Lab Expo 2017 organized by Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS).

▪️ Qualified for the Design excellence award 2016 by attending the exhibition at Siam Paragon Shopping Center with the Office of Value-Added Promotion for Export. Department of Export Promotion Ministry of Commerce