Sun Lock Aqua Soothe SPF 50 PA++++

Sun Lock Aqua Soothe SPF 50 PA++++

Introducing ACNOC

Non-sticky and lightweight, our SPF 50 PA ++++ sunscreen was formulated to protect your skin from infrared UVA, UVB rays that cause premature aging and skin darkening.

  • Activates the antioxidant process from Xanthone, playing a key role in cellular health
  • Supports cellular energy and helps maintain healthy skin DNA.
  • Nano-emulsion of extracts - Providing superior nutrition into your skin.
Three Organic Extracts.
One Big Impact

ACNOC combines:

Pure Xanthones from the Mangosteen fruit,Quercetin from the Japanese onion,and Amitose GOA from the Osage orange,

Formulated specifically to support healthy skin DNA.

Pure Xanthones

Reduces inflammation and skin irritation


Acts as a super antioxidant for the skin

Amitose GOA

Moisturizes, brightens, and strengthens collagen in the skin

Tested and Proven

We are Ph.D. certified dermatologists.

Clinically tested to confirm accurate and safe results.


Backed by Human
Clinical Trials

Awarded the Gold Prize in International Invention, Silicon Valley 2018

Delivers optimally healthy skin with the help of nano-emulsion technology

Supports powerful anti-aging benefits

Helps to maintain nourishment on the skin

We Make Every Ingredient Count

Harnessing the findings of the joint research venture between Kasetsart University and Quality Company Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd.,

Each extract is carefully selected for the best of its performance and quality, and dosed specifically to deliver healthy skin down to the nanogram.

Nano-emulsion provides deeply penetrating nutrition into your skin

Nano-emulsion can penetrate the skin up to 7 layers deep due to its size, smaller than 100 nm.

This makes it much more efficient in the distribution of nutrients and absorption into the deeper skin layers, leading to naturally healthier skin.

Natural extracts provide superior care for sensitive skin

Our extracts are specifically chosen to benefit and enhance all skin types.

Bulgarian Rose Water reduces redness and various allergic reactions

Organic rose water is obtained through the extraction of essential oils, reducing the inflammation of acne, redness, and various allergic rashes.

Gentle on all skin types, and also provides a relaxing and refreshing fragrance!

The Basics of Sun Lock Aqua Soothe SPF 50 PA++++


Apply all over the face regularly before going out in the sun. And should be reapplied every 4-5 hours.

Research Across Decades

ACNOC, a brand that is committed to adding value to Thailand's agricultural industry has been given the opportunity to work with researchers and specialists in the development of Pure Xanthone extract from the mangosteen's peel. The lead study was a joint research venture between Kasetsart University and Quality Company Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd.

Human Study

With more than 15 years of dedicated research, Purified Xanthone extracts have been developed into products that have been selected as the 2018 World's Best Innovative Inventions. Product testing is done to confirm safety. Performance and accurate results are recognized both in the lab and in real skin experiments.


Sun Lock Aqua Soothe SPF 50 PA ++++ will help protect your skin from sun damage. SPF 50 PA ++++ will protect your skin from the blue light of electronic device screens. It will also protect your skin from infrared rays that causes premature aging.

World-class gold award winner for best innovation and invention for Global Health and Beauty in International Invention - Silicon Valley 2018.

Joint Research Venture Success

Successfully completed joint research venture between Kasetsart University and Quality Company Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd.

ACNOC customers share their reviews.

4.8 (50)

Eugene H.

04/08/2021 - My daughter had skin cancer at an early age and I want to do everything I can to protect her from further issues. She is an active beach volleyball player, therefore, is outside a lot. She is only 15 so I wanted something that was user-friendly, lasts a long time, has a pleasant smell, and doesn't get in her eyes when she sweats. This is by far her favorite sunscreen and we have tried a lot. It is not thick or slimy and it just melts right into her skin and doesn't run. My husband who plays softball even uses it now and he said it's the only one he's ever tried that didn't get in his eyes. This is our family go-to product now.

Phoenix L.

05/02/2021 - I like this sunscreen for my face. It is much thinner than my usual sunscreen, making it easier to re-apply over my makeup later in the day. The sunscreen has a very light, pleasant scent. It absorbs well. It leaves the skin looking glowy.

Faith A.

06/30/2021 - This sunscreen is amazing as it moisturizes very well, provides great protection in the sun and blends in well even with my dark skin tone. I love that I could go in and out of the ocean more than 5 times before I felt I needed to reapply! This is a great product with environmental friendly ingredients that that is likely more safe than some of the other products, I highly recommend this sunscreen!

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Sun Lock Aqua Soothe SPF50 PA++++ is clinically validated to activate the antioxidant process from Xanthone, while also promoting cellular energy via nano-emulsion technology to maintain healthy skin DNA.